This is my first blog ever and I’d like to start off by writing about the most important event of my life that took place in year 2000. Without going into the details of a medical illness that became life threatening i’d like to focus on the revelations of that experience. Somehow words don’t seem to do justice to that experience but If i had to choose one word to describe it i would use the word “Reality”! Through that experience I realized that my entire being was made out of energy and that the energy of my being was connected with the energy of everything around me both living and non living. I experienced a state of oneness, of merging, dissolving and becoming one with everything. My awareness shifted from the limited ego self to the expansive eternal self that was Everywhere. And with that came a feeling of profound peace and unconditional love. I realized that I would never Die. What will die will be my limited ego self and my physical body and that i’m actually a part of an eternal reality. I felt free and blissful. I also realized that my thoughts were the most subtle form of my energy being and also the most powerful. I’m so grateful for that experience as it taught me some very valuable lessons of Life. Even though it came at a cost of mental, emotional and physical suffering i would not trade this experience for anything else. I hope that sharing my reality and my truth with you all will help bring you closer to the peace, love and awareness I experienced.